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Hi Heather, I picked up the two DAZERs on Friday and both seem to be in working condition. I zapped the trio of dogs this morning and silence fell over the area. I shed a little tear of joy. Regards, Izak Beirowski.

Hi Heather, I must compliment you on your product, the DAZER. My daughter, who is 9 months pregnant (until tomorrow!) has had a yapping poodle across the road from her new house. She wrote them a letter complaining, only to get the man of the house come and abuse her verbally at her door, saying stupid things like there is a dog over there and one over there and one over there and you complain about MY dog. I have lived her for 20 years and you have just moved in! I told her to hang on as my DAZER should be at the PO waiting for delivery. She used it twice over a period of about 30 seconds and the dog (which used to yap ALL NIGHT!) has not yapped since! When I read the distances I was a bit worried that her house was too far away, but it worked well. My daughter sends her eternal thanks as she did not need the stress of not getting to sleep at her stage of pregnancy. Regards, Les Reynard.

Dear Heather, if you still have stock of the DAZERs, could we please order another one? They work very well, when we go walking at night time we get disturbed by uncontrolled dogs and are always worried that the barking also upsets their neighbours. Many thanks. Don Gibson.

Heather, I received my DAZER and am very proud of it. It works very well. My wife and I walk every afternoon and the dogs now run away if they see us coming. Thank you very much. Hannes Lombard.

Hi, thanx for the device, it is like a graveyard...... nobody dead, but a lot of silence! Martin van Heerden.


I grew up in SA myself and was attacked by an Alsation in the street when I was a small child. Ever since then ai have been afraid of dogs, and of course Alsations in particular, though I enjoy being with dogs I know. There isn't really a dog problem in the UK (apart from for milkmen and postmen who get bitten on a regular basis), but I often carry my DAZER when I go for a walk, as it makes me feel more confident (the main problem is with me, not the dogs). However, we went on a holiday to Ecuador last summer, where Rabies is endemic and there are a lot of semi-stray dogs in the country areas. We were staying in a hotel in the foothills of the Andes - very rural. We went for a walk along a track which passes near villages and smallholdings. We were warned that an American woman had been bitten by a dog on this track the previous year, so I took the trusty DAZER..... As we walked past the perimeter of a village, a group of at least 6 medium-sized dogs rushed towards us, barking. As they got near to us I pressed the DAZER and the dogs almost immediately wheeled around in formation and ran back into the village. Very satisfying and reassuring! I used the DAZER a couple more times in Ecuador to keep aggressive dogs at bay, and it worked each time. Barbie McEwen, United Kingdom.

The DAZER was tried and tested by Mr Terry Singh, BEM Dog Warden Service Manager, City of Bradford Metropolitan Council, who commented that the DAZER has proven to be the most effective aid to dog deterrence available. "This device can be used for most aggressive dogs that may be on the attack and if used properly can stop the dog by a high frequency signal.", says Mr Singh.

One Scotland Yard Drug Squad officer said "There are big dogs like Rottweilers, Alsations or Pit Bull Terriers on almost every raid. We were amazed at how well the DAZERs worked." (Daily Mail)

Canada Post cares about the safety and well-being of its employees and that's why we got the DAZER. It certainly makes it safer to deliver the mail. H Phillips, Director of Safety - Canada Post.

We have now issued DAZERs to Meter Readers throughout the North East Region. The DAZER has provided the best defence against dog attacks they have ever encountered. N Ward, British Gas N Eastern.

It does everything the manufacturers claim. It is an amazing little gadget - like a feather, but the toughest, meanest dogs back off. N Wilson, Australia Post.

Our Meter Readers are pleased with them because they are silent and very effective. R Mullenhour, South California Edison Co.

We are most pleased with its performance. Prof CR Reid, School of Veterinary Medicine, Pennsylvania.

To illustrate one example, we were entering a village on the Burmese border when we encountered one of the nastiest dogs I have ever seen, foaming at the mouth and intent on savaging the world or anything else that got in its way. Received one sound wave at about 10 feet, rolled over, twisted sideways as though hit with a large stone and disappeard as if the devil was after him, into the distance! Found it works on monkeys and rats too. Peter Rhodes, travel writer.

1500 DAZER units have been purchased by our area offices for use by our Meter Readers. These have been found to be an effective means of keeping away vicious dogs. S Curran, Eastern Electricity PLC.

I appreciate your acknowledging my contribution to the development of the DAZER. E Gasteiger, Emeritus Prof of Physical Biology, Cornell University.

I purchased a DAZER after talking to you directly about your experience with this product in stopping nuisance barking in aggressive dogs. My next-door neighbour has 2 Australian Shepherds and a Golden Retriever which are untrained, undisciplined and bark constantly. Our neighbour tried barking collars which emit an electric shock. This worked for about two days, they didn't seem to mind being shocked and kept on barking. Desperate to be able to enjoy being in my yard without being harrassed by constant barking, I purchased a DAZER. I have to admit, I was sceptical that such a small, in expensive product would work. I am now a true believer! This was the best money I've ever spent! I give the dogs a command ("Quiet") and a visual cue (point at them), and then press the DAZER, hold 2 seconds, release and hold 2 seconds more. They lower their heads and retreat into the house! AWESOME! Now most of the time, all I have to do is simply yell "Quiet" or point, and they stop. Remarkable, this product has worked up to 100 yards away! They were barking at the far side of their yard at their neighbour on the other side. I stood on my screened porch and pressed the DAZER. They heard it and retreated. Unbelievable! Thank you so much for giving me my yard and my quiet night's sleep back! I am recommending this product to everyone! Jenn.

The DAZER has worked so well that I consider it a phenomenal product. My home office looks out onto the neighbour's back yard where two large barking dogs have taken up residence. It was hard to concentrate on anything all day long when their owner was gone and the dogs barked at anything including me when I went out into my yard or onto my patio to use my barbeque. The first time I tried the DAZER it worked. Two one-second bursts, from inside my house pointed through an open window at a distance of forty to fifty feet stopped the barking. After only one week of training the barking has been reduced by 98%. WOW! I keep the DAZER close to me all of the time to preserve my sanity.... Thank you so very much. A very happy customer. Ron K, Colorado.

STOPS DOG FIGHTS FASTER THAN A BUCK OF ICE WATER. I am a dog owner and dog lover, and just ordered my fifth DAZER - I keep giving them to friends who are amazed when they see how well the dogs respond. I always keep one with me, for a purpose I don't see in your other testimonials - stopping dog fights. My dog can be aggressive at times and I don't want to see her injure a smaller dog, or get injured by a larger one. As soon as the hackles go up, my finger is on the button. One quick push distracts the dogs, the aggression stops and we move along. Thanks for a GREAT product, reliably built and reasonably priced. Steve, CA USA.

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